About Us

Headquartered in Ukraine's dazzling Southern-most megalopolis of Odessa, with R&D centers in Kharkiv and Lviv, Gallantra aims to empower the present-day Data Science, ML and DevOps technology revolution with the vast potential of several world-renowned IT outsourcing locations.

The Gallantra founders' consummate expertise in our core specialty and our focus on the several closely interrelated technology areas allow us to offer comprehensive and well-balanced solutions to businesses that seek to streamline and improve their IT infrastructure or to derive more value from their data. We also help those Data Science, DevOps, AI (Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing), and other technology vendors, that are looking to cut down on their hefty in-house expenses, or searching for some specific, rare-to-come-by expertise. Gallantra's other core offerings also include Full-Cycle Custom Web and Mobile Development.

As a service provider, we boast several advantages we would be eager to share with you. Check out how you can gain

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