Our Advantages

Gallantra BI boasts several advantages that may well make us the best fit for your project and give you the edge you need.

Strong Focus on Several Intertwined Technology Areas

We don't try to be all things to all people. We focus on just several areas and competences in which our experts are among the best and which are, at the present time, increasingly in demand. Our experts’ qualifications and our ability to reliably provide this range of expertise ensure a steady inflow of new projects. While allowing us not to list several dozen different competences, this also allows us not to chase every project in sight, compromise on quality or lard our website with SEO-related gobbledygook.

Top-Notch Software Engineering Experts

We don't deal with mere coders, or dabblers. All experts we can put at your disposal are solidly educated NLP, Big Data, DevOps, or software engineers and other experts. All of them hold a relevant university degree (Software Engineering, Software Systems, Computer Science, Computational Linguistics, etc.) and have a successful track record of delivering corresponding services to international clients.

Significantly Reduced Development and Maintenance Costs

We are based in one of Eastern Europe's most vibrantly developing software outsourcing locations. You can save up to 40%-50% of your project budget compared with the expenses you would otherwise bear in-house in North America, Western Europe, most of the Middle East, or Down Under

Hard-to-Come-By Expertise Combinations

Unlike many other service providers, we can provide complementary expertise in an array of technology areas and business domains. These domains include DevOps and Big Data, eCommerce and Natural Language Processing, and more. In case of need, you will not have to deal with two different service providers: no extra churn, no extra communication effort, and a lot less in expenses.

Consummate Expertise from Top to Bottom

Gallantra's founders and senior officers include several veteran IT and NLP professionals. They have been at the fore of the corresponding technology areas ever since their inception. This includes, in particular, NLP, eCommerce, and DevOps, That is why we employ only genuine pros, - we know who and how should share our core expertise with you on behalf of Gallantra.

Ability to Run Distributed Teams and Source Rare Expertise

We have experience in creating distributed project teams and we know how to manage them efficiently. While our core team is based in Odessa, Ukraine, we can employ experts who better meet some specific project requirements, but are based elsewhere. Most often, we use this advantage to enable our clients to benefit from the wealth of potential of Ukraine's other major scientific and IT hub centers, such as, for example, Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Lviv.

Business Agility and Agile Software Development Process

Our varied experience in applying the Agile methodology to a wide range of concepts and tasks and in a variety of business situations gives us the ability to optimize both the implementation of a project and our clients' investment in it.

Broad Experience of International Communication

While we generally share cultural proximity with the West, our team members are experienced in, and enjoy communicating with counterparts from all over the world. They have previously been part of more than one multinational team and served a worldwide clientele. There are no cultural barriers in dealing with us.

Scientific Affiliation

Gallantra's founders and lead experts are affiliated with several local AI, NLP and Data Science communities and several of the nation’s leading technical universities. This makes us your gateway to some of the best and most affordable AI, NLP, Data Science and ML resources out there.

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