Our Approach

Client oriented

We Are Client-Oriented

Gallantra aims for long-term client relationships and we are always prepared to put in an extra effort to forge one. We believe that word of mouth is our best Marketing vehicle and always shoot for a great reference or customer referral from the start of a project.
we deliver value

We Deliver Value

Implementing a project based on one's intial vision seldom yields a good result. At the core of our approach the delivery of value. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your needs and guide you through the different possible implementation options. Relying on our diverse expertise and experience, we try to create as much business value for you, as possible.

We Are Agile

Business processes-wise, we set Agile as our true north the first. For many companies, Agile is still not more than a buzzword, or part of their marketing fluff. We are long-time fans and advocates of the Agile methodology and we have honed our Agile project management skills while dealing with more than one project. Agility underpins the whole of Gallantra's operation: we respond to changes on the fly, while making the most of our client interactions and research. The Agile methods and practices we are well-versed in using include Lean, SCRUM, Kanban, Safe, XP, as well as such techniques, as TDD, BDD, continues integration, continuous deployment, and code review.
Auqlity focused

We Are Quality-Focused

We have embraced quality as one of our underlying values and a business function.   We do want our quality to be known through the grapewine. Correspondingly, we do our utmost to ensure a level of quality that will by itself serve as a marketing vehicle that propels our business. We use a spectrum of cutting-edge techniques to make our quality Gallantra’s topmost advantage.  

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