Boilerplate partnership programs are not something we are big on. However, we do have several business interests we regard very seriously and would be eager to share with a congenial partner. We've detailed them below,- please take a minute to check out whether we are something you've been wanting to find.

Consulting Companies

You are a consulting company and you assist businesses in selecting complex software solutions. You and your clients could benefit from those solutions being further adjusted or improved using NLP and other AI technologies.
We can definitely be better off together. Let's talk.

Technology Vendors

You are a technology vendor, whose Marketing or eCommerce solutions would represent more value with AI being brought into play.
Odds are we can work out a mutually rewarding arrangement.
If any of the above has struck a chord, just let us know about your ideas, wants, and needs, - we'd love to have a discussion with you. We have the knowledge, resources and commitment to make things work on the other side of the deal. For partnership inquiries, contact direct our CEO at

Please feel free to contact us: