Gallantra’s Project Delivery Models

Gallantra was conceived as a technology provider, whose business processes are pillared upon the best-in-breed practices well-established providers, catering to our target industry sectors and markets, employ.

The Gallantra’s team brings together expertise from several industry-leading AI and Custom Software Development companies. In order to determine not only the project delivery models that the interests of our clients best, but also the business situations and purposes in and for which each of them is more optimal, we have analyzed some 100 product- and service delivery projects. The vast majority of these projects have been implemented by our R &D department. as a team, while the rest of them represent professional experiences of Gallantra’s individual team members.

Based on the results of the in-depth analysis we have made, our Team has opted for the following time-proven project delivery models we excel in using:
We would also be happy to use our previous experience to help you determine which of the project delivery models suits your needs best.

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