Dedicated Teams

Dedicated team is a standard service and delivery model, offered by most software outsourcing companies, and, in this sense, we have not modified it all that much. However, due to our where-the-action-is location in an Eastern-European hotbed of software outsourcing and science, we are positioned to offer you a lot more than many other outsourcing providers can:
  • Top-notch, solidly educated, highly qualified and well-seasoned software and other engineers.
  • A whole new level of flexibility: we are prepared to offer you both a Dedicated team, run by a seasoned Project Manager and augmenting your in-house team by one or more software developers. Any tailored, in-between variation of the Dedicated team delivery model is possible with us too: we would be eager to discuss this with you to determine which one fits your needs best.
  • The ability to source software development and other experts nearly twice more promptly than it is, usually, possible in North America or Western Europe.
  • An opportunity to hire better qualified specialists for nearly half the cost of hiring such professionals in the West, Middle East, or Down Under.
  • The ability to source relatively hard-to-come-by experts, such as Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, NLP engineers, Computational Linguists, and more.

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