Staff Augmentation

Gallantra can give you the often mission-critical ability to respond efficiently to the evolving HR needs of your business when it deals with several technology areas in which highly qualified resources are scarce to come by.

We can provide immediately, or source on your behalf one or more NLP engineers, Data Scientists, ML engineers, Computational Linguists or AI-savvy Software Engineers who will become a seamless part of your on-premise team. You will be able to manage these employees as your in-house ones and have the same level of oversight as you would with locally deployed team members. If you are resource-strapped where you are based, we can be by your side with a bankable solution and the following set of advantages:

Top-notch Engineering Experts

University-educated AI and software-engineering experts, recruited in a location that has a strong technical culture, responsible for Ukraine’s rise as a top-level European nearshoring destination.

Good command of English

Experts with a good command of both spoken and written English.

Shortened Recruitment Cycle

Significantly reduced recruitment cycle.

Involvement of Tech Experts in the Recruitment Process

Involvement of topflight technical experts in the screening process.

Significantly Reduced Costs

Significantly reduced operational costs.

Attractive Rates

Rates that can be attractive even for those Western technology and consulting firms, which offer staff augmentation services to other parties.

Access to Several Major Talent Pools

Ability to tap into a large and diverse HR pool and to solve your HR needs over the long haul.

Cultural Proximity

Cultural proximity and broad multicultural communication experience that will promote our employees’ seamless interactions with your in-house team and any team members you may already have offshore.

Part-time Engagements

The possibility of part-time engagements. If you need a DevOps engineer, NLP or some other expert to tend to your project part-time, we can offer you such an option.

Time savings

Time savings: you won’t need to waste your time on candidates who are not worth it.

Customer privileges

No Employer Liability.

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