27 Jul 2018
by Victoria Kuleshova, Dmitry Kuleshov DevOps is commonly referred to as a combination of values and practices aimed at assisting both large-scale enterprises and smaller companies to improve software development flow and optimize release cycles. There is no doubt that developers are eager to speed up and automate the product release cycles. On the other hand, clients are also putting pressure on their contractors to make them roll out new MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) on a continuous basis. Without robust DevOps algorithms being properly implemented into the workflow, the customers are most likely to wait weeks, if not months for new updates to come. Odds are, it can make the whole interaction between software development companies and their clients all the way inefficient and time-consuming. Getting pushed in a tight corner, developers think over the most actionable ways to optimize the working process, make it more secure and stable, automate the rote tasks and ensure continuous integration and delivery. Fortunately, as a recent survey conducted by  Ponemon Institute has shown, the majority of development companies are quite optimistic about the perspectives of incorporating Agile and DevOps principles into business processes. In a nutshell, the respondents are confident of the DevOps competitive ability to:
  • deliver projects on schedule (61%)
  •  deliver projects within budget (60%)
  • maintain service quality (69%)
This follows last year’s report by Puppet Enterprise and DORA (the DevOps Research Assessment organization), which states that the share of DevOps in companies is exponentially increasing and already reached 27% in 2017. Also, the responses of over 27,000 technical professionals collected all around the globe prove to the fact that there are several crucial starting points to begin the DevOps implementation with. Thus, the respondents firstly started their DevOps journey with:
  • deployment automation (66%)
  • version control (62%)
  • continuous integration (59%)
  • infrastructure automation (57%)

starting points for Devops

“DevOps is not a goal, but a never-ending process of continual improvement” – Jez Humble, CTO at DevOps Research and Assessment LLC

  Gallantra has also delved into recent research papers on 2018 DevOps trends to come up with several major takeaways. All in all, these can be boiled down to the following:

Align your back- and front-office teams

Bear in mind that disparate software development days are gone. Agile methodology has to be integrated on all levels to ensure smart and timely product delivery rates. Faster release cycles are possible only if both managers and developers share the same values and realize the importance to work intensively as a single unit. This holistic DevOps approach enables successful adoption of relevant agile practices which eventually result in robust product delivery acceleration and thus, customer satisfaction.

Refine the skillset of your team

It is a fact of life that the siloed environments can give birth only to the pool of specialists with a very diversified scope of expertise and skills. It is commonplace in case of full-stack developers, who are supposed to know the development procedure from the ground up. However, when it comes to testing and iteration processes they appear to fizzle out and show their skills shortage. Implementing DevOps on early stages can drastically bridge the skill gap between different specialists in your team. Agile and DevOps practices allow for smooth and painless onboarding programs, and enable efficient training opportunities for existing developers, who need their expertise to get updated.

Leverage the cutting-edge technology solutions

Despite the fact that human resources are the greatest assets, a company without actionable tech-enabled solutions will definitely fail to reach any success in today’s ever-changing business. So make sure your software development teams have every single tool they need to maintain and streamline the workflow, no matter whether your output is a mobile or web application or more sophisticated deliverables. On the other hand, these full-fledged solutions require seamless integration with your current chain of software tools to guarantee flawless coding and testing development phases. The more automated and fine-tuned your development journey is the better the product deployment and delivery rates are. That said, we can come to a conclusion that it is quite possible for a company to train its specialists utilizing agile practices, but it turns out to be a great deal of challenges when it comes to implementing new DevOps tech solutions. The situation, however, is absolutely manageable. That is what the seasoned professionals with niche DevOps expertise are for. So in case, you do not have decent in-house professionals to help you integrate all your software, feel free to contact us right away and let us get the things done for you in a personalized and cost-efficient way.

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