27 Jun 2018
by Yuliya Zagoruiko
It is an open secret that Artificial Intelligence has evolved to the point where virtually all industries tap into its potential to reshape their business processes and discover new market horizons. Consumers as end-users are also largely optimistic about further implementation of AI-fueled solutions into their everyday life and workflow. The recent 2018 report by Gallup and Northeastern University spells confidence of the vibrant future for AI, while showing that 76% of American are positive that AI will drastically alter their lives in the next 10 years.

Nowadays the sports space is also expanding its footprint to harness cutting-edge technologies. Sport-associated companies start utilizing Machine Learning, AR/VR and Big Data Analytics tools to automate their rote procedure tasks and enable brand new human-to-machine interaction flows.
“The automation of activities can enable businesses to improve performance by reducing errors and improving quality and speed, and achieving outcomes that go beyond human capabilities.”
A future that works: Automation, employment, and productivity.

A McKinsey Global Institute report

There are several ways AI can impact the sport sector in terms of cost and efficiency optimization as well as customer engagement and retention.

Chatbots implementation

Some large-scale market players have already started off capitalizing on the AI advantages by integrating H2M/M2H communication techniques, especially when it comes to providing robust customer services. Such high-profile companies like Booking and Western Union have the chatbots that help process and resolve thousands of customers’ daily support requests in the blink of an eye.

Offers personalization

Having AI-backed solutions under the belt, sport-affiliated companies can use precise customer data to adjust their production, like apparels and consumables to perfectly meet customer needs and expectations. Thus professional and amateur sportsmen have a brilliant opportunity to buy exceptional athletic wear and clothing tailored to fit their own parameters.

Sporting apps development

For those people engaged in sports, wearing AI-based gizmos like smart fitness wristbands and trackers have already become table stakes. There is an increasing number of web and mobile applications appear that are geared to collect, keep track of and measure users’ data of sporting activities. Even specialized apps devised by some startups are now available on Kickstarter that provide real-time coaching services by means of smart insole indicators. These apps empowered by meaningful UI/UX design can greatly help the producers of sport merchandise deliver their value and boost customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

AI in Sports entertainment

To enhance customer experience among a slew of viewers of their sports channels, most popular media groups and holdings think over introducing new competitive AI-enabled improvements. For instance, Fox Sports has collaborated with IBM to utilize Watson, its highly-efficient AI-driven platform that allows football fans all over the world to fine-tune their search for the best goals, most stunning moments and favorite players. With vast amounts of video and audio content of the recent 2018 FIFA World Cup, it would be hardly possible for watchers to enjoy every single moment without AI solution applied.
Not to lag behind competitors, some budding research teams partner with media giants like Google and Facebook to make immersive 3D interactive video models out of unappetizing 2D football matches’ footage by capitalizing on advanced AR tools.

Predictive power of AI

However sports, and football in particular, are generally considered to be quite unpredictable, AI solutions can open doors to wide opportunities for building actionable predictive and prescriptive business strategies. For instance, this year Goldman Sachs, an American fintech corporation has employed Machine Learning methodology to anticipate the 2018 FIFA World Cup finalists. The AI professionals managed to mine and collect a plethora of football teams’ and individual players’ data to eventually come up with a definite answer on who will be the winners of quarter-, semi and final matches.

Also, professional basketball, baseball and hockey scouts use the AI algorithms such as Machine Learning and Computer Vision to identify and evaluate new talents. AI tools help them comb through player data to efficiently analyze performance statistics. Besides, many fans use the advantages of AI-backed apps in online sports betting and gambling to place winning bets at bookmakers.

Gallantra has at its disposal vast tried-and-tested expertise in AI that enables us to meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.

Feel free to contact us to get insights on how we can help you choose, develop and deploy the right AI solution that addresses your business challenges.

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