Consulting Service Offering

One of Gallantra’s R&D team’s distinctive traits is a significant number of senior Data Science, AI, Project Management and Software Development experts, many of whom hold PhD degrees and whose related professional experience ranges from 6-14 years. This allows us to offer advice and guidance to both companies outside the AI and IT sectors, and other, less experience AI, Data Science and IT teams.
Our range of consulting services includes Data Consulting, Project Consulting and Infrastructure Consulting. When part of our comprehensive solutions, the above services constitute their integral part and put these solutions on a firm and durable basis. However, our experts can always come to your aid if you are faced with an issue associated with any of the above areas and need qualified advisory assistance that can help you solve this issue.

Gallantra BI would be a perfect fit for any company, large, small or middle-sized, that is seeking to improve their business performance, gain insights into how more value can be added to their ongoing projects, optimize their project implementation and infrastructure-related costs and prepare for the use of Big Data and transformation to a Data-Driven Enterprise.

When our Consulting services are rendered on a separate basis, we use the Time & Materials service delivery model.

Please do feel free to let us know what you need help with by dropping us a line at We will get back to you with the shortest possible time.

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