Big Data Consulting

The different departments of your business organization, its digital channels, customer interactions, and other activities generate massive amounts of multi-faceted and multi-structured data. When properly harnessed, this data turns into continually updated, actionable business intelligence and a business management tool that has no equals.

Based on the results of a Data Audit, which can also be conducted on your behalf by Gallantra’s seasoned Data Scientists, we can:
  • Create a roadmap for the transformation and optimization of your data infrastructure in accordance with your business goals.
  • Identify those areas, where your business performance can be improved through the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and advanced Data Analytics.
  • Come up with detailed and well-grounded recommendations on which AI techniques, or combinations of AI techniques should best be applied in each case.
It is worth mentioning that Gallantra’s broad spectrum of competences and the high qualifications of our experts allow us to select the most fitting AI technology combination, as well as implement this technology combination with utmost quality.

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