Infrastructure Auditing Services

Achieving a robust and efficient state of a company’s IT infrastructure is a must-have prerequisite for its successful transition to a Data-Driven Enterprise.

As a full-service Data Analytics provider, whose IT and DevOps experts have dealt with many infrastructure-related challenges of various international companies, we can comprehensively audit your IT infrastructure and delivery pipeline with a view to determining the efficiencies can be achieved and the gaps that need to be stopped, as well as with a view to preparing your IT infrastructure for the full-value implementation and use of Data Analytics.

In order to do so, we will:

  • Ensure your servers are configured optimally both security- and productivity-wise.
  • Identify the existing productivity drains.
  • Examine the causes of recurrent problems, if any.
  • Make a list of your information assets and identify any related risks.
  • Access the corresponding controls and come up with a list of measures that will eliminate the above risks.
As a result, we will give you the best and most suitable Architecture solution and tools to ensure a seamless release process and possible migration to the Cloud or a Big Data platform, if required.

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