Data Science & Machine Learning

Data Science & Machine Learning are one of Gallantra's underlying service offerings. We capitalize on our enviable location and our founders personal affiliation with the domestic scientific community to provide cross-industry services in an array of areas of Data Science and Machine Learning.

We are skilled in using both Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms for a host of business purposes that include, among others, identifying hidden patterns and anomalies in customer data and predicting customer behavior.


Our experts are well-acquainted with a very broad tool set that includes, in particular, Weka, TensorFlow, Theano, Keras, SpaCy, and Scikit-learn. An appropriate technology or technology combination are often determined through R&D research that precedes a customer project.
scikit learn

Machine Learning in Business

We can seamlessly extend your in-house team with seasoned Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers who have a good command of cutting-edge Deep Learning technologies, including but not limited to, Natural Language Understanding, Image and Video Processing and Predictive Analytics.

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