DevOps as a Service

Gallantra's DevOps offering stems from its founders' previous experience in delivering this service to clients worldwide. Our expertise in this technology area is second-to-none, which, in addition to the ability to implement regular DevOps projects, also allows us to offer DevOps-related consulting and project recovery.

As far as software development projects are concerned, our DevOps services can cover the full-cycle of application development. More specifically, Gallantra's DevOps service offering includes:

Continuous Delivery and Deployment

After making a research into your business needs, Gallantra can architect and implement an enterprise-wide and all-round DevOps solution. This solution will allow efficient monitoring of the performance and availability of your various assets. It will integrate with all your existing systems and include scalable development and testing environments to ensure seamless continuous delivery and integration infrastructure-wide. In order to allow you to better monitor the various components of your infrastructure and efficiently leverage them, as part of your comprehensive monitoring solution, we can implement intelligent dashboards. We will also perform the required firewall and security design.

Operations and Infrastructure Management

Gallantra's can implement a comprehensive and adaptable solution that will seamlessly integrate your systems, networks and data. The solution will allow you to efficiently manage all your assets, while avoiding their possible duplication and ensuring the interoperability of these assets between the stakeholders involved in their usage.

DevOps Project Recovery & Consulting

The qualifications and experience of Gallantra's DevOps experts allow us to offer full-value Project Recovery services. If your external provider or in-house team has not been able to properly handle some task or resolve some issue, let us know about your problem. Odds are we will be able to offer you a solution and unravel the knot. We would be delighted to discuss with you how we can be of assistance.

Technology Stack:

Application Server:
Apache jboss
Web Server:
Apache nginx
mysql oracle postageSQL
Cassandra MongoDB Redis
Code Versioning
Git Mercurial
Capistrano code deploy
System Monitoring
DataDog graphite nagios
Application Monitoring
app dynamic New Relic
Load Testing
Apache jMeter Blaze Meter
Continous Integraton
bamboo hudson jenkins
Build System
maven graddle
Configuration Management
ansible chef puppet
docker lxc
python unix
Centralized Log Management:
logentries loggly

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