Data Analytics Service

Enterprise data can become a true fountain of actionable insights that can take your business processes and outcomes to an entire new level. It can become a strategic asset that is increasingly viewed by most businesses as the main factor to influence their future before long.

However, unleashing the potential of your data can be a demanding challenge. As a rule, this challenge can be successfully coped with only by seasoned Data Analytics experts.

Analytics Roadmap:
Service Offered

Gallantra’s team offers you an end-to-end, all-pervasive Data Analytics solution that will allow you to identify and maximize the value of your data, turn your company into a Data-Driven Enterprise and create a host of effective data monetization opportunities.

Our experts are provenly skilled in implementing the full cycle of actions and processes, required to make your data talk and benefit your business. We start from the very beginning by helping you ask and answer the right questions, and finish by delivering a complex solution that fills all your needs in the most optimal manner.

Thus, our full-cycle Data Analytics solution
and process consist of the following stages:

Work with the Data Sources

  • Identifying the data sources within your business organization, including Application Data, Media Data (images, video, others), Social Data, Enterprise Content Data , Machine, sensor, and log data , documents and archive data.
  • Scrapping (obtaining data from the various multiple data sources associated with your various corporate assets and departments).
  • Performing Data Cleansing and Normalization.

Data Integration

  • Transforming and blending the cleansed and normalized data.
  • Enabling Data Storage (creating Data Warehouses, Data Marts, and/or Operational Data stores).

Data Analytics

  • Identifying hidden patterns in your data using cutting-edge tools.
  • Building sophisticated predictive models based on the results of the collected data’s analysis (Predictive Modelling).
  • Performing Data Analytics, comprising Data Mining (including Pattern Recognition) and Reporting and Analysis.

Data Exploration

Visualizing the Data Analysis results and making them continuously available to the business stakeholders across your organization in the right form (UI/UX) and at the right time. In order to enable this, we create easy-to-use, Real-time interactive dashboards, or other means of Self-Service that allow easily viewing the results of Data Analysis, associated with terabytes and petabytes of data. Gallantra‘s Data Analytics Service Offering covers the following Data Analytics applications:
  • Customer Analytics.
  • Marketing Analytics.
  • Web/Mobile/ Social Analytics.
  • IT Operational Analytics.
  • Fraud and Risk Analytics.

Implementing our comprehensive Data Analytics solution will allow you to:

  • Dramatically improve your decision-making.
  • Make Personalization Analytics part of your Marketing and Customer Engagement processes, that improving these processes and their outcomes.
  • Improve your Revenue Assurance.
We will gladly tell you more about Gallantra BI’s Data Analytics capabilities, skills and experience and how they can be most gainfully applied in your business situation.
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