Data Audit

Gallantra’s Big Data experts have dealt with gargantuan amounts of business data, originating from a miscellany of data sources and belonging to variously sized businesses.

We have helped companies in the Healthcare, Marketing, and other verticals to uncover, classify, take stock of and make the best of their data assets. This allows us to make a success of even highly demanding and large-scale data-auditing projects and offer data auditing both as a separate service and as part of Gallantra’s end-to-end Data Analytics solution.

In order to give you an insight into the potential of your data, afford you a comprehensive view of your data assets and suggest the more suitable data usage scenarios, we will:
  • Identify your data sources (Application Data, Media Data (images, video, others), Social Data, Enterprise Content Data, Machine, sensor, and log data, documents and archive data.
  • Create data quality rules for your data.
  • Evaluate the quality of your data.
  • Rectify and validate any non-standard data.
  • Merge and/or de-duplicate your data.
  • Identify areas for implementing advanced AI-driven Data Analytics in accordance with your business architecture drivers and business goals.
With our data auditing services, you will be able to optimize the usage of your hardware and other resources, make the most of the investments you have already made, ensure the quality of your future business decisions and, finally, prepare your enterprise for a future transformation that will render it a lot more efficient and profitable.

We would be eager to tell you more and learn about your related needs and goals.

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