Natural Language and Speech Processing

Gallantra BI's diverse Natural Language Processing service offering is geared toward - NLP-driven technology vendors and other companies in need of qualified and cost-effective assistance in the development of NLP functionality.
We rely on our knowledge of the area and access to one of Europe's brightest NLP expert communities to provide the following NLP services:

Creating Conversation Bots

NLP-driven interactive systems, such as voice and textual chat bots, are an increasingly popular tool for not only expanding a target audience, but also for efficiently engaging it and facilitating its movement down the sales funnel. They automate and optimize the process of client-facing communication and minimize the human factor. They allow you to improve your own operation by enabling interaction with customer CRMs, LSMs, and Marketing platforms. Gallantra's NLP experts will help you harness the technology's latest advances as gainfully, as possible regardless of the kind of a chat bot you need or the industry you are in. They have done that well before.

Text Mining

Multi-source, multi-channel, and multi-genre text mining is fast becoming a true must-have for anyone who cares about the size of their market or business reputation. It allows you to obtain structured knowledge from unstructured text and, thus, derive vital business insights from a host of sources, including social media, news, domain-specific documents, books, and conversation scripts. Gallantra's Text Mining pros are old hands in the business. We can get domain-specific and finesse on a solution industry-wise in order to better gear it toward a specific vertical, or we can create a generic solution for your company's needs. Our Text Mining services are multi-language and include the following and some other techniques:
  • Named Entity Recognition
  • Concept Relation Identification
  • Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining
  • Domain-specific Fact Extraction
  • Topic Modelling and Text Summarization
Your hand-picked team will only include experts with broad hands-on experience in the appropriate sub-area of Natural Language Processing and a proven track record of delivering great results to reputable international clients. We are always prepared to go the extra mile to determine through R&D research the technology stack that would be the most appropriate one in the case of your project.


Gallantra's NLP experts are apt at using many advanced NLP tools and resources.
These tools and resources include GATE, NLTK, Keras, SpaCy, Scikit-learn, SyntaxNet, and more.
Staying up-to-the-minute on the technology developments in the area of Natural Language Processing and Understanding is both a business necessity and a professional passion for our NLP team.
If you are on the lookout for qualified help with a cost reduction in your NLP-related development, odds are your search is happily over now.
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