Project Audit & Consulting

Has your team, for some reason, not been able to achieve the desired result in your development process? Are you are looking to increase the efficiency of your R&D? Have you not been able to make a product release, or just sense that the control you have over your development process is not strong enough? Or perhaps, there isn't just enough data to make any future development plans?

We would be eager to come to your aid. In the above and many other cases, Gallantra BI can offer a solution that will meet, or, even, exceed your expectations.

Our Services Can Include:

Project Audit & Consulting
  • Making an audit of your project or project portfolio, resulting in a set of recommendations that will allow you to optimize your Project Management practices while taking into the account the specific context of your company, team and project plans.
  • Making an audit of your development team and an external evaluation of its performance. Coming up with recommendations on how your team can be optimized and motivated.
  • Implementing Agile and continuous improvement management and engineering practices with a view to ensuring transparency of your project-related reporting.
  • Optimizing the structure of your development department.
  • Determining the most suitable Project Management methodology and assisting your team with the implementation of this methodology.
  • Determining the Project Management software that fits best in your case and assisting your team with its implementation.
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