Solutions for Artificial Intelligence Technology Vendors

Gallantra Atrificial Intelligence solutions are custom outsourcing solutions based on our multi-faceted Data Science & Machine Learning, Big Data, and Natural Language Processing service offering. They are geared toward AI-driven technology vendors that have difficulty in sourcing highly qualified talent locally, or just realize the potential of having a reliable and knowledgeable partner in a premier Eastern-European outsourcing location.
In accordance with your needs, we can
  • Create a Dedicated team of NLP engineers, Data Scientists, Big Data and Machine Learning Engineers, to add value to your product or service offering.
  • Find and put at your disposal a hard-to-source AI expert to extend your in-house team, or to implement a separate project in its entirety.
Gallantra's Artificial Intelligence solutions feature the following advantages:
  • A board and diverse range of AI services to form a tailored solution in accordance with your needs.
  • Complementary expertise in several adjacent areas of AI that may often be hard to find.
  • Access to a rapidly growing pool of qualified AI resources.
  • A combination of expertise in Data Science and DevOps.
  • Find and put at your disposal a hard-to-source AI expert to extend your in-house team, of to implement a separate project.
  • High-qualified professionals with previous experience of delivering outsourcing services to international clients.

Our Artificial Intelligence Solutions by Business Domain and Purpose


Predictive analytics, customer clustering and opinion mining for Marketing industry and Marketing departments of other companies.
Gaining a powerful insight into the wants and needs of your target audience is central to your ability to come up with what they really need and when they really need it. As an AI - and NLP-driven vendor, Gallantra is well-equipped and skilled to glean your clientele's varying opinions on your products, their features and versions from across the Web to allow you a holistic view of the market and your audience's expectations. Regardless of the vertical that you are in, we will help you gain an in-depth understanding of what your market has in store for you. This will allow you to create a powerful Marketing message to influence your audience.

Retail & Sale

Predictive analytics and chatbots for the Retail industry and Sales departments of other companies.
Personalization and the ability to reach you customer with the right offer and at the right time are key in today's Retail and eCommerce. We are conversant with several advanced NLP and AI techniques that can help you learn a lot more about your customers and their needs, as well as enhance your eCommerce solution with insightful NLP functionality and chatbots. While NLP can allow you to increase your conversion and customer retention rates, implementing a multilingual chat bot would you to serve more concurrent visitors and to extend your business reach to other national and regional markets.

Multi-industry Offering

Gallantra BI's AI service offering is intended for multiple purposes and business domains.

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