Solutions for eCommerce Providers & Software Vendors

Do you need a well-architected eCommerce solution with a great look and feel and a fast time-to-market to start earning you a profit soonest? Are you a CTO or company owner on the lookout for an eCommerce-savvy and hassle-free partner to cut your expenses and to spare you the eternal lack-of-resources headache?

In either case, Gallantra is a windfall solution to your needs. And here is why:
  • eCommerce is one of our core specialties and fortes.
  • We have expertise in implementing a broad array of eCommerce functionality, including the development and integration of payment systems, travel-related functionality and catalogues.
  • We can provide a Dedicated Team of highly-qualified software engineers with relevant business domain experience.
  • We can reduce your development costs dramatically due to our Eastern-European location.
  • We can provide complementary expertise in Natural Language Processing to enhance your eCommerce application.
It would be great to hear from you about your eCommerce business plans or your current eCommerce project you can use help with. Get in touch with us not to miss your chance

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