Travel & Hospitality

Travel & Hospitality are two verticals in which the powers of Data Science have proven to be truly disruptive and pivotal to several principal business processes. Data Science has enhanced immensely the ability of tour operators, hospitality service providers and transport operators (and, first of all, airlines) to predict their workloads and apply more flexible, seasonal pricing.

These companies have also gotten a powerful means of marketing their service offerings in a lot more tailored and calculated manner, Gallantra consummate understanding of tour operators and hospitality service providers’ business processes, from contracting and booking to managing the ever evolving Travel Agent relationships, has been combined with us with our mastery in Data Science to create end-to- end Data Analytics solutions for these companies. These solutions are based on the full Data Analytics life-cycle, comprising:
  • Data Audit & Consulting.
  • Work with the Data Sources.
  • Data Integration.
  • Performance of Data Analytics (including the creation of sophisticated prediction models).

With Gallantra’s Travel & Hospitality Data Science solution, you will be able to:

  • Optimize your pricing significantly through the use of predictive modelling.
  • Better tailor your personalized service offerings (online, mailing campaigns) through the analysis of your search query data.
  • Optimize the number of your hotel bookings for a given time period.
  • Streamline the performance of your booking search engines, and more.
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